DB Copy Plugin

This plugin provides the ability to:

  • Copy database tables (indexes and primary/foreign keys) between database sessions (The sessions can be between different databases)

There are two new menu items available by right-clicking on certain database objects in the object tree. They are “Copy Table” and “Paste Table”. They are accessed as follows:

  1. Open two session windows (same or different database types)

  2. Select a schema/user in the object tree of one session and click on TABLE to expose the tables in that schema.

  3. Select one or more tables in that object tree.

  4. Right-click on the hightlighted tables and choose “Copy Table”.

  5. Bring the other session window into focus and select a schema/user to copy the table(s) into.

  6. Right-click on the selection and choose “Paste Table”

  7. A Progress dialog will be displayed with two bars. The top bar indicates which records are being copied from the current table. The bottom bar indicates which table is being copied and the overall progress of the copy operation.

  8. A dialog is then displayed in the event that the copy operation succeeded or failed.